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Team///AIC strives to create a specialized security program to fit every clients need.  We pair cutting-edge technology with world class personnel to develop a comprehensive security package.  By doing this, we offer a more sophisticated and effective security service that often times is more affordable than your existing program.

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Security Staff:  Our security team of trained personnel are hand selected by our security experts to ensure each Officer has the ability to meet or exceed our client expectations.  We dedicate about 40% of our resources to on recruiting and hiring, to ensure only the best candidates are chosen to join our team.  

In addition to our thorough vetting process, we also have an established security training academy composed of proprietary development modules.  These modules are developed based on the needs of our clients, and are stored in our online Learning Management System for ease of access and distribution to our staff. 

Technology Solutions:  We have the knowledge and capability to provide full-scale surveillance and security camera systems that not only offer retroactive reviewing capabilities, but also proactive security enforcement as well.  

Our security systems are strategically designed specific to each client site, which can be integrated with our highly-trained security personnel to increase the positive impact of every security program.  These systems assist in both safeguarding our clients and their staff, as well as protecting their assets from damage or theft.  


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Security Operations Center (SOC):  Our Security Operations Center provides clients and our personnel with state-of-the-art operation supporting technology.  This includes monitoring our surveillance and robotic security systems, dispatching armed response units, security officers, and security supervisors at any time of the day, 365 days a year. 

Our SOC also provides a secondary location for our site-dedicated security operations centers.  If there were a major incident at one of our client sites that disabled our dedicated on-site operations center, we would assume operations at our off-site SOC to ensure security operations resume as normal.  

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