With over 20 years of combined industry experience, on both sides of the business, we have both the know-how and experience to manage your security operation. Staffed with a team of elite subject-matter experts in the industry, we successfully provide permanent, temporary, and emergency security services to a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from small family owned businesses to large Fortune 500 companies.

Team///AIC strives to create a specialized security program to fit every clients need. We pair cutting-edge technology with world class personnel to develop a comprehensive security package. By doing this, we offer a more sophisticated and effective security service that often times is more affordable than your existing program.

These are the fundamental beliefs of our organization which keep us focused, on point and determined to provide the best service for our clients. 

  • Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
  • Professional: Is reliable, an expert, competent, proficient and determined.
  • Team work: Effective, efficient and works together to accomplish greatness.
  • Positive Energy: Positive energy will produce positive results. 
  • Innovation: Constantly research to create new methods or strengthen current methods to enhance your professional knowledge and service you provide.
  • Leadership: Provide guidance to your team, being patient, listening to your team and most importantly, taking complete ownership. 
  • Security: To provide clients with the quality and state of being secure.
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